This idea is a figment of my imagination and proof of my devotion to the thousand-year-old Peruvian culture. At the time, I was not aware that the idea of “El Quinto Suyo” already existed in Peru, nor that the Peruvians of African descent had an association called “El Quinto Suyo”, nor even that there was an Internet channel in New York called “El Quinto Suyo”, and surely, there are many more examples somewhere. Nevertheless, my idea goes further…

The Tawantinsuyo (Inca Empire) was divided into four Suyos or provinces only. There was never a fifth province and this is why I imaginatively suggest a “Quinto Suyo“, which would encompass all those Peruvians living abroad, i.e. us, our family circles (spouses, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends). It would turn out that we are millions of people related to one another by common bonds, i.e. our roots, music, history, our beloved gastronomy, the memories of our land, all that would be “El Quinto Suyo”.

It is a call for unity beyond politics, social class gaps, ethnic origins, faiths, or anything that sets us apart. It is a call that goes way beyond the reality in which we live. It is a dream. “El Quinto Suyo” binds us together, reaches out to us, and brings us hope.

Our love for Peru intensifies when we are far away from the land where we were born. The greater the distance, the stronger our will to learn about and love our roots. I think that the desire to return one day always burns strong in the hearts of those who live abroad. We cherish the hope of walking through those places where we spent so much of our lives before leaving, even if it was only for a day,.

This is why I gave that name to my project. I also include therein my Finnish musician friends and their families. They are part of “El Quinto Suyo” for sharing with me their talent while contributing to this project. This entitles them to join us all.

El Quinto Suyo” is an abstract, imaginary, and spiritual bond, as well as an idea, hope, a symbol of unity… All of this is what brings life to this dream called “El Quinto Suyo”.