I was born on March 28 in Lima, Peru. I began to develop a taste for music at the age of 12 when I started learning to play acoustic guitar by ear. Later, my attention shifted to the electric bass and I formed a rock band called “EL ÁCIDO“. We would play cover versions of songs by Kiss, Aerosmith, etc. Also, we composed some of our own material by the end of that period (1978-1979). Aside from the band, I began to write my own songs in Spanish. They were simple lyrics speaking of my concerns about the world around me and everything that was going on in my life. In 1979, I joined a band called “Vida“. Here again, we played cover songs in Spanish with me playing the bass and doing backup vocals. Eventually, we managed to record a demo with 3 tracks, 2 of which being our own material (composed by the keyboard player and myself) and called “La hora del corazón de un tonto” and “Utopía”.

My life would radically change in 1981. I was about to turn 24 and went to study English in Hastings in the UK. From there, I moved to Finland. This experience opened up a new world for me. The language, the food, the culture. etc., everything was new and so different that it took me time to get used to and finally settle in this country. I set about teaching Spanish and playing with different rock bands in the city of Pori. This is where my solo career also began, as I spent years performing in different bars, clubs, hotels, ski resorts, and eventually aboard of cruise ships sailing between Finland and Sweden. During all that time, I became fluent in Finnish and got acquainted with the country from one end to the other; I also played some gigs in Sweden and Norway. In 1991, I moved to the city of Tampere  where I kept performing and writing my own material.

In 2010 I travel to Peru and stay for 5 months. I used this time to think and listen to the recordings of the songs that I had written over the previous 20 years and then I decided to make an album. I began to think of a suitable name for my musical project, hence I called it “El Quinto Suyo” = “The Fifth Province”.

El Quinto Suyo would define that huge community of Peruvians such who live abroad with their families. All of us would make up “El Quinto Suyo”, i.e. the fifth imaginary province that never existed under Inca rule (Inca Empire). Within that context, I started recording 9 songs with Finnish and Peruvian musicians It took me about 3 years of travelling back and forth between Peru and Finland before completing the album.

My music is a fusion of different musical genres such as rock, pop, Andean folklore, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Finnish and European music, as well as an endless array of musical styles.

Nowadays, I spend my life between Peru and Finland (definitely the “Best of both worlds”), hence taking advantage of the best these 2 cultures have to offer, because, after all, I have lived more than half of my life in Finland and I feel both Peruvian and Finnish.